What Has This Got to Do with the Liberation of Black by Robert C. Smith,Cedric Johnson,Robert G. Newby

Mr. Lincoln Goes to War by William Marvel

Moving Mountains: A Study in Civil War Logistics by Jonathan K. Rice

America's First Black Socialist: The Radical Life of Peter by Nikki M. Taylor

First Generations: Women in Colonial America by Carol Berkin

Rock Springs Park (Images of America) by Joseph A. Comm

Around Egg Harbor City and Pleasantville (Images of America) by Dennis M. Niceler,Foreword by James Davidson

Rag Paper Manufacture in the United States, 1801–1900: A by AJ Valente

An Oral History of Tahlequah and The Cherokee Nation (Voices by Deborah L. Duvall

Empowering Words: Outsiders and Authorship in Early America by Karen A. Weyler