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By Sidney Coleman

This choice of evaluation lectures on subject matters in theoretical excessive power physics has few competitors for readability of exposition and intensity of perception. added over the last 20 years on the overseas institution of Subnuclear Physics in Erice, Sicily, the lectures support to prepare and clarify fabric the time existed in a careworn country, scattered within the literature. on the time they got they unfold new rules through the physics neighborhood and proved very hot as introductions to subject matters on the frontiers of analysis.

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30 3 Is Physics an Exact Science? Every physical measurement has an associated inaccuracy which is a result of limitations in the measuring technique, a lack of control of parameters that influence the final result by an unknown amount, or other factors. An experimental physicist tries to estimate the magnitude of this unknown error, and include that figure in the final result. Following this convention, an experimental result is usually written as x ± y, which means (see Fig. 1 and the discussion in the bullet points below) that there is a 68 % chance that the correct value of the measured quantity lies between x − y and x + y.

Every test of a prediction of a physical theory is a test of the underlying physical laws. Some, such as the law of conservation of angular momentum (see Chap. 2), have been found to have a validity extending from the sub-microscopic world of atoms to the farthest galaxies. In some cases, even laws that have stood the test of experiment for centuries, may need modification when they are applied to regions of physics that were not envisaged at the time of their formulation. For instance, the mechanics of Newton gives way to the relativity theory of Einstein for objects travelling at speeds near to that of light.

6 Caveat Emptor! Now that we have an idea of the scientific method and the aims of physics, it is probably appropriate to spend a page or two on the human side of the discipline. Physics is carried out by normal men and women who are subject to the same character traits as the rest of the population. These include ambition, egotism, obstinacy, greed, etc. In some cases, this human element can have an impact on the way that the science is pursued. For instance, if one has invested a great deal of one’s time and energy into the development of a scientific model or theory, it is understandable if one does not greet evidence of its overthrow with alacrity.

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