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By D. I. Edwards

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5 the drugs X and Yare antagonistic. 5 Interference of two linear inhibition zones-the square modification. (c) Strip-gradient (Szybaiski) Technique In this technique a diffusion gradient of one antibiotic is prepared and the second is incorporated into a paper strip. The gradient is made by allowing agar to set in a suitably inclined dish and then adding an equal amount of agar-containing drug with the dish flat. The concentration of antibiotic along the diameter of the dish is thus determined by diffusion between the two strata.

It follows that chemotherapy is most difficult when the organism is dormant or growing very slowly. Often these differences are reflected in the differing biochemistry of the organism. The most rapidly growing organisms are aerobic, generating a large amount of ATP for growth purposes. These organisms are far more amenable to growth than anaerobes, which usually generate about a tenth of the ATP of aerobes and consequently grow that much more slowly. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that the most intractable diseases to antimicrobial chemotherapy are those of tuberculosis and leprosy-diseases where the bacteria grow so slowly that the incubation time may be as long as 10 years.

Acad. Sci. , 70, 2281-5 Ashby, J. and Styles, J. A. (1978a). Does carcinogenic potency correlate with mutagenic potency in the Ames assay? , 271,452-5 Ashby, J. and Styles, J. A. (1978b). Factors influencing mutagenic potency in vitro. , 274, 20-2 Cundliffe, E. (1978). Mechanism of resistance to thiostrepton in the producer organism Streptomyces azureus. , 272, 792-5 DeFlora, S. (1978). Metabolic deactivation of mutagens in the Salmonella-microsome test. , 271, 455-6 Fuska, J. and Proska, D. (1976).

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