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By John Borrie, Vanessa Martin Randin

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NON-LETHAL” WEAPONS It is difficult to oppose the development of new means and methods of warfare, which would lead to fewer deaths, injuries, disabilities or deprivation to civilians. However, the term “non-lethal weapons” is applied to a range of old and new weapons the use of which is, purportedly, associated with low lethality. Such weapons can be classified according to how they damage or incapacitate the human body. 11 The model explains how all risk factors play into lethality of a context that can theoretically range from zero to 100%.

That is why any concept of human security must be dynamic. ” See Taylor Owen, “Challenges and Opportunities for Defining and Measuring Human Security” in Disarmament Forum, 2004/3, pp. 1524, p. 19. , p. 23. See, for instance, Robin M. Coupland, “Amputations from antipersonnel mine injuries of the leg”, Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, No. 71, 1989, pp. 405-408, Robin Coupland and A. Korver, “Injuries from anti-personnel mines: the experience of the ICRC”, British Medical Journal, No.

44 The humanitarian community’s perspective—that the presence and use of anti-personnel mines causes insecurity and acts as an impediment to development—ultimately made sense to the majority of the international policymaking community and in a form that could be acted upon. 45 The efficacy of a humanitarian framing of the anti-personnel mine problem and potential solution was also confirmed by empirical data of the effects of these mines and by dynamic contact between mine action practitioners with multilateral negotiators.

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