Addresses to the German Nation (Cambridge Texts in the by Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Gregory Moore PDF

By Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Gregory Moore

ISBN-10: 0521444047

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This can be the 1st translation of Fichte's addresses to the German state for nearly a hundred years. The sequence of 14 speeches, brought while Berlin was once below French profession after Prussia's disastrous defeat on the conflict of Jena in 1806, is extensively considered as a founding record of German nationalism, celebrated and reviled in equivalent degree. Fichte's account of the individuality of the German humans and his trust within the local superiority of its tradition helped to form German nationwide identification during the 19th century and past. With an in depth advent that places Fichte's argument in its highbrow and ancient context, this variation brings a huge and seminal paintings to a latest readership. all the traditional sequence gains are supplied, together with notes for additional interpreting, chronology, and short biographies of key individuals.

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7 Whoever has once undertaken to interpret his age must ensure that his interpretation keep pace with its progress also, should it enjoy such progress. And therefore it is my duty to acknowledge, before the same audience, that what I described as present is now past and has ceased to be the present. 6 7 Irgendwo – changed to this vaguer formulation on the insistence of the censors. In other words, French hegemony since Napoleon’s victories at Ulm, Austerlitz and JenaAuerstedt. 9 Addresses to the German Nation Whatever has lost its self-sufficiency has simultaneously lost its capacity to intervene in the stream of time and freely to determine the content thereof.

Humanity, Fichte writes, is the product of the simultaneous but independent self-realisation of discrete cultures: its essence is expressed only in the natural and inevitable differences between individuals and agglomerations of individuals – of nations, in other words. 21 Educating the nation The renewal of the nation will not be achieved by political means alone. Modern humanity is so thoroughly corrupt, Fichte believes, that we must start all over – this really is a year zero – and create an entirely new order of things.

Erscheinung is translated as ‘appearance’, except in non-technical contexts where ‘phenomenon’ would be the more natural English term. Geist and geistig never fail to present problems for the translator. As is well known, the German term embraces a range of meanings that the English word ‘spirit’ no longer possesses, at least in everyday modern usage. I have preferred ‘spirit’, ‘spiritual’ in most cases, except where ‘mind’, ‘mental’ are more natural. Gemu¨t is also a slippery and quintessentially German word; it has generally been rendered as ‘soul’, in the older sense that is the same as ‘mind’, but sometimes also as ‘temper’, ‘feeling’ and indeed ‘mind’.

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