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By Francois Verlinden

ISBN-10: 1930607075

ISBN-13: 9781930607071

This 15th installment within the WARMACHINES sequence specializes in the operations of the paratroopers of the 3rd/325th ABCT (Airborne Battalion wrestle crew Blue Falcons in the course of perform workouts. This ebook offers a unprecedented glimpse of such operations with attractive complete colour images. very good insurance of things like parachuting, air-drops of cars and gear, securing touchdown zones., concealment, ambush positions, and masses extra. first-class info of autos and kit, just like the M102 105mm box Howitzer, the M998 hummer, TOW missile launchers, and extra, abound, and make for convenient reference. This ebook is effective not just to the size modeler, but additionally to the army fanatic and veteran.

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